The number of connected devices in the world already exceeds the number of people. And in the next half a decade, billions more devices will be coming online.

The “Internet of Things” has enormous potential to provide benefits across an extraordinarily diverse range of sectors including health care, vehicle and highway safety, manufacturing, shipping, power distribution, aviation (including drones), sports, entertainment, and air and water quality monitoring.

But the IoT is also bringing new challenges. There are new cybersecurity exposures arising as connectivity outpaces security. The potential for IoT devices to collect, analyze, and disseminate enormous amounts of data can lead to many benefits, but it also can create new privacy exposures. And the placement of an increasing amount of functionality at endpoints requires rethinking legacy approaches to system architecture.

I have been working on the IoT since the 1990s – though back then we called it “wireless mobile networking.” Today, I am interested a broad range of issues related to the IoT, including design of IoT devices, analytics for data from IoT sensors, cybersecurity, privacy, and the reliability and security of the IoT supply chain.

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