Cybersecurity is one of the most significant technology challenges that we will face in the coming decade. This is particularly true 1) in the Internet of Things, where connectivity is outpacing security, 2) in enterprise environments, where legacy cyberdefenses are being outmatched by the extremely sophisticated, rapidly evolving tools available to cyberattackers, and 3) in critical infrastructure, where we are increasingly reliant on systems with cyber-vulnerabilities that we are ill-equipped to find.

I am working on multiple aspects of cybersecurity. I have long been interested in the role of the supply chain, which is an increasingly important source of cybersecurity exposures. I am also very interested in the cybersecurity challenges raised by increasing vehicle automation, and more broadly by the Internet of Things. In addition, at Stanford I am leading a Department of Homeland Security-supported project aimed at improving cybersecurity in U.S. critical infrastructure.

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